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Active Days

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Today was a good, active day and I'm very pleased with myself. I walked a very long walk with an old friend and my husband, we talked and walked around a park that is very lovely. It's good to know I have a friend instead of thinking/feeling that I don' hopefully it will last :P
Yesterday night was very productive as well, I didn't exercise or do school work, but I cleaned an area of the room that desperately needed to be cleaned. I also finished a puff stitch hat and am now starting one in purple that I hope to have done by tonight. Next months art walk is in the bag, I will gladly and openly admit that we will make good money and sell lots.
For now I will watch a movie that I've already seen and get ready to eat, because of course you have to prepare to eat soup.


Tootsie Day

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Hello Journal,
Today is a tootsie day, because from the time I woke up I have been munching on tootsie fruit rolls that my mother gave me. Which she probably shouldn't have gave or I should have been a responsible adult and refused them, because I don't need a + 140 calories added to my already to much calorie infested body.
So my plans for today are to possibly work on school work, possibly exercise, and the for sure things are to eat a hot pocket while watching Shakespeare in Love, and finish off the tootsie fruit rolls...I'll let you know how the rest of the day plays out.


Intro to myself

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Well, my name is Jess and I joined Livejournal like maybe three days ago to improve my writing and to give myself something to do, because the fact of the matter is I'm wasting my life away doing nothing.
My life goal is to write a novel, I don't really know when I began wanting to write...but I think it started when I would shit talk on my parents and write it down, made me feel a lot better and well, it was easier to express myself in writing than face to face (my people skills are terrible). So here I am on livejournal joining I don't know how many writing communities, which I haven't written in one yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to it...eventually. But since this is a journal, I guess that's what I'll use this journal to rant about me, and my life and all the other random crap that irritates me or pops into my head. So far today is an "eh" day so I won't write much, but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day to write about.


hat, crochet, Monkey

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